Modbus Device Identification in Error Logging

When a Modbus device is failing communication, there are entries made in the logs as expected. Sometimes the driver state is still showing “Connected” for all Modbus devices when viewed from the gateway page. Is there a way to determine the gateway device name from the entries in the logs?

It depends what version you’re on, but in later versions (barring the few releases where it wasn’t working…) there is a little magnifying glass over on the right side of some log messages that have additional information in key/value format.

Look for a “device-name” key/value entry.

This is an example of what we get in the logs with Modbus Driver 5.9.8 (b2018060714):

Is there an updated version available for Ignition 7.9.8 (b2018060714)?

I found in the release notes that for Ignition release 7.9.12 the key/value pairs were added back in. Thanks for the tip on what to look for. Any concern of using the updated Modbus driver on Ignition 7.9.8?

Won’t work, it requires platform 7.9.12 as well.