Modbus Device status in Tag

Dear all,

I have few Modbus TCP device.
Those are communicate with Ignition Gateway without problem.

I just would like to have the status of “connection” from my Modbus device in a tag , to make an alarm when the “communication” is broken.

Could you help me to tell me how can i do ?



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Check out inductiveuniversity, it should show you how to do what you want and more.


I Explain : I have no problem to make an alarm with a tag.
My problem is , i haven’t found in the system tags , the status “connected” from my 8 Modbus Devices.
( Those status i found in the Gateway OPC-UA SERVER/Devices/ status (from Modbus TCP)

Did you manage to find an answer to your problem?

I would be needing the exact same thing :wink:

Thanks for your help !

When you add device to OPC server you should get a tag structure like so. modbus

These tags are always in “Bad_Stale” :

But on the gateway Opcua Devices webpage, I’m able to see the correct status:

I’ve tried using script to fill a power table with the device status:
event.source.parent.getComponent('pwtDeviceStatus').data = system.device.listDevices()

And this is working well:

But I still don’t know how to create an alarm based on the state being different than “Connected”.

Thanks for your help !

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It’s all good, my mistake was that the “default” tag group was deleted, so the tags were not subsribable.