Modbus Driver in Development

So where does this driver stand?


Sorta functional?

Just a shell for debugging?


Got beta docs?



The Modbus driver is in Beta. Meaning we are releasing it on a limit bases to customers that are willing to test it with various PLC or devices and provide feedback.

Browsing is supported by using address mapping. Within the driver configuration there is an address mapping table that will allow defining a block of consecutive addresses. For example, you can define that V2000 to V3777 are mapped to Modbus holding registers starting at 1024 and the driver will create all the addresses from V2000 to V3777 that show up in the OPC Browser. Saves the typing in 100s of SQLTags.

Because the Modbus driver is in Beta and we don’t have the documentation complete, send an email to, requesting the Modbus documentation and we will send what we have to you.

does the modbus driver handle enron/daniels modbus? which is 32 bit floating point in a single register location? I am assuming that it will handle the typical modbus floating point consisting of 2 16 bit registers.

At this point the enron/daniels modbus is not supported but you are correct in that reading two 16bit holding registers and converting them to and from a float is supported.

can you say if enron/daniels support is planned for the future?