Modbus Driver Keeps Disconnecting with Device

I have a SCADAPack that I’ve connected to over Modbus TCP. Every 250 seconds it says it gets disconnected. This is the timeout length on the SCADAPack, but it only closes the port if it sees no activity. I have several tags being read every 10 seconds. Is there a reason the SCADAPack thinks it isn’t seeing activity? Am I missing something in the scan classes?


If you’re actually getting any data from the tags you’ve set up in this scan class then no, I can’t think of anything you’re missing (unless maybe they’re leased with a slower than 250s slow rate?).

Maybe it’s a certain type of activity SCADAPack is looking for (holding register vs. input register vs. coil vs. discrete input)? Or maybe it just doesn’t work right? :scratch:

Well I changed their timeout and extended it and it goes right in line with that so I’ve contacted them on the issue - if there is something strange I will be sure to post so others can see what the issue was.