Modbus Driver license

This shows as a trial in a “Panel Edition” setup. Will this be looked at soon, or will that be when the final stable edition is out?

Or, will it be rolled into the OPC-UA-Drivers module?

My head is reeling with the possibilities… :scratch:

Panel Edition is a licensing mode for the Vision module. It doesn’t affect the other modules. The Modbus driver will be packaged as its own module, but you’ll be able to get a complimentary license key for it just like the AB drivers.

Ok, just wondering, because the AB packege was validated with the Panel Edition key…

Head is still reeling, but now I have to go find something else to bame it on. :mrgreen:

Yeah we’ll have to update your key to include the modbus driver module.

Thank you! With Travis’ help (he’s my new hero, sorry Carl :laughing: ) I can now use the driver in a Panel Edition installation.

This will make my life easier, because let’s face it: it’s all about me! :mrgreen:

Kind regards,

Glad you got taken care of. In general - new cd keys are being issued with the modbus driver included, but we have to manually add it to existing cd-keys. So if you’d like the modbus driver to be activated, contact your account rep and let them know. They can add it to your cd-key, and you can simply re-activate your software.