Modbus driver reading incorrect floating point values

I’m having issues reading a floating point value. It seems I’m getting incorrect values.

This one might be hard to diagnose… Is the program you’re viewing them in rounding the floats?

Oh, also, is it possible that it was at one point 10.014 and has since changed to 10.000 and your SQLTag deadband is not allowing the change?

It isn’t rounding the floats, and it isn’t a deadband issue as far as I can tell.

I was able to repeat the issue in another set of registers. The PLC was setup to write the value to 410591 - 410592 and everything read fine. We then added the second value to 410593 - 410594 , whereupon Ignition started reading the incorrect value.

Nevermind. Addressing was offset by one, and the word order was reversed…


Woo! mystery solved! Surprised the numbers were coming in anywhere near as accurate in that case though…