Modbus error

I have an Nexus 1262 Eletro Meter that I am trying to connect too. Iam trying to use Modbus UA driver. I have the device configured and I am showing that it is connected. When I use quick client or SQLtags… I get no value or Null. In quick client , it shows that the Status is good. Value is blank… and the data quality is Bad_Invalid Argument.

I am using version. 7.1.3

When I had 7.1.2 installed, I was able to connect to a different type Electro Meter and everything worked ok. This is the first time I have tried connecting to a meter using 7.1.3

Any Ideas?? I really need to get this thing working.

You may need to check the Use Zero Based addressing on the Modbus device config if you know the address is correct. Other than that Modbus addresses are picky and if they are not perfect you get a bad quality.

The Zero Base Addressing is correct.

I can connect to the device using Kepware. The only difference in Kepware I have to add a 4 to the address. So in Kepware I am using 400180… in Ignition I am using 00180 wich defaults to 180.
my prefix is HRF. I have tried different address offsets and still have the same problem. The overlay on the tag is Green with a question mark. Value is null.

Also… in the Modbus UA quick client. I subscribed to an address and notice that I also get a Bad_ServerNameMissing in the Quality of the tag.

Are you using Modbus templating or a straight SQLTags address?

I am using Modbus templating.

I have seem to found my problem. I had to set the device ID in the address to 1.

I can only assume the following… This meter’s protocol is Modbus RTU , but it has TCP/IP connection. It also has RS485 to connect other devices if needed. So I guess there is some encapsulation in the TCP/IP to communicate with the Master Device. I have no other devices connected using RTU to this master device, so I didn’t think I needed to give it an ID of 1. I have connected to another product from the same company using the same setup, only to leave the device ID blank and had no problems getting my data.

As far as the Bad_ServerNameMissing… I think this error was due to my Trial Period had expired and I did not notice it.

We’ve identified and fixed another issue today that would lead to an incorrect [tt]Bad_ServerNameMissing[/tt] status. The problem would occur after editing tags whose values are static (or if not static, would stay at this quality until the value changed). That’s secondary to your main issue, but I just wanted to mention it.