Modbus Ethernet TCP Slave Address - Converter

We have a master PC which is sending data to slave recorders. The problem is that the slave addresses are different from what the master PC is communicating with.
Is there any kind of converter that can change the unit ID in a Modbus communication network

Please recommend something if you can


I don’t exactly understand what you’re looking for, but HMS Networks has converters for just about everything.

Thank you for your reply.
Basically we need a converter that can convert the modbus TCP address so that our slave device can accept the data.
Modbus TCP (slave address) ---------> converter -----------> Modbus TCP (new slave address)

So you can’t change any of the configuration on the master or something like that? Can you even point it to a new IP address?

I can change the IP addresses no problem but the issue that remains is the unit ID or modbus slave number!