Modbus extended address

I have to interface to DEIF PPU-300 via Modbus. Unable to get the Ignition to support the 6-digit Modbus address. Please advice if Ignition support extended Modbus addressing

DEIF information in web

there is a link to down load the Modbus table.
For example, using the Discrete output coil, there is a Modbus address of 46497. In Ignition it will be interpreted as holding register

Check this page for information on Modbus addressing in Ignition. The short answer is yes, Ignition does 6 digit addressing. You wouldn’t type 46497 as the address though it would be


Where Device_Path is the name you configured in the Ignition Gateway. Also you can specify a mobus Unit ID by “pre-pending” it to you address. So if the Unit id was 3 you would enter


The C designates the address as a coil or 0x address

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