Modbus Float problem


I have a problem with the float datatype when communicating with a modbus device. In the tag-list the decimal part is correct the first read using the Ignition OPC-UA Server, but then the decimal part is not updated anymore, only the integer part. If I write to the PLC from i.e a spinner with 0.1 tick the value is written correct to the PLC but not updated in taglist. If I change the datatype to String it starts to update correctly but with a . sign instead of , sign as comma separator but then I can’t use the spinner and so on because of wrong datatype. Could it be a problem with the regional settings?
I have tried to change the comma separator in windows settings but without success. Where can I change this to affect Java?

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It sounds like it might be a problem with the locale settings. If you go to the configuration page, what locale is listed under ‘System Status’? What locale are you expecting?