Modbus help converting decimal to Celsius

We are currently using an ADAM-6018 controller to try and collect temperature readings via Modbus/TCP connection. We are getting the value in decimal (example 2053) and we are trying to figure out what this is equivalent to in Celsius. Sorry for the lack of information as I am most definitely a noob when it comes to this. We were told to use 0 for the low, and 65355 for the high. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Do you know the corresponding celsius range? You can use linear scaling if you do - you’d use 0 - 65355 for the raw low/raw high, and then whatever the calibrated celsius range is for the scaled low/high. Then Ignition will automatically, zero effort required, change the tag to view as celsius units, and any writes issued to the tag (in celsius) will be converted back into an appropriate decimal value.

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The ADAM/Apax Utility should help you out.

Once you connect to the module, look at the Modbus (Present tab)


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