Modbus licensing

After trying to activate a Panel License, the license states:

CD-Key zzz-zzz
Ignition Platform v 7.x.x
Vision v 4.x.x edition panel
modbus-driver2? v 2.x.x edition standard
Siemens Drivers v 1.x.x edition standard
UDP and TCP Drivers v 1.x.x edition standard
OPC-UA v 1.x.x edition standard
Allen-Bradley Drivers v 1.x.x edition standard

The modbus entry looks funny, the modules list shows the modbus driver running as trial, however the other panel related modules are showing as activated, is there something up with the license servers?

Installing 7.2.7, tried x86 + x64 on Server 2008 R2 and also on XP Pro 64. (Also tried 7.2.6 as well) - all with the same effect.

Nothing too funny going on. The problem is that your license has an entry for version 2.0 of the Modbus module and you have version 1.0 installed.

Get in touch with your sales rep to get version 1.0 added to the license. You can also get the version 2.0 module from here: … odule.modl


Thanks for the quick response, adding the V2 (beta) module worked.

I have no sales rep - this is the license (tried a couple of keys) that comes from the free Panel edition (even tried a OPC-UA key - this did the same)

Looks like your free licenses are being generated for a product thats not released yet.

Thanks for the assistance.

Yep, we had a bit of a miscommunication and new licenses are including Modbus v2 while the installer still does not.