Modbus not connecting

I have a device that is setup as modbus tcp. I have the correct IP Address, and I can ping the address and I there’s no firewall blocking port 502 but I still can’t get it to connect. What should I do to get it to connect?

Is there an error message or anything like that showing up in the console or on the status page? It might shed some light on why you can’t connect.

I don’t understand, I disabled my other devices so that I can easily find the problem on the device that is not connecting but why is not showing on the Logs?

You may need to turn the loggers for that device to debug… on the Levels tab of the console in the gateway you can search for whatever you named that device and you should get a list of loggers that you can change to DEBUG.

You could also just call into support and let them poke around real quick on a GoToMeeting.