Modbus OPC-UA with GE 90-30

I have a couple of GE 90-30 PLCs I need to talk to. They have GE-IC693CMM321 cards in them and I am able to communicate with them. Problem is, I have zero knowledge of the addressing schema for getting GE addresses to Modbus addresses. Need a little nudge in the right direction.

Problem resolved. I finally found the right guy at GE to get the information I needed. For the CMM321 Communication Module, the Modbus mapping can be found in the Manual GFK1541B, appendix E. This document can be found on the GE website.

TCPIP_Enet_Comm_GE9030_Modbus Mapping.pdf (29.7 KB)

Thanks for posting that. If you translate that into Ignition’s modbus mapping tool, please post the CSV export as well. Our hope is that over time we’ll build up a collection of CSV config files for different devices here on the forum. :smiley: