Modbus registers - Circuit braker ABB E2

You may be off by one address (Ignition uses 1-based addressing by default) or need to Swap Words in Ignition (don’t know what the default in the test software you’re using is).

Wireshark makes comparing the read requests from Ignition and any other test software to spot the difference very easy.

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Hello Kevin,

I Think Im using the correct way**(Zero-based Addressing true)** because im reading the correct values about anothers registers from the same Device, I’m reading 12 correct values. The “bad” values there are the same data type, U32(Unsigned) or S32(Signed). I did a lor of tests and it didnt work with any modbus type over Ignition.

I’m without more ideas…

Kevin mentioned the Swap Words setting as a possibility, too. Did you try that?


I did this test now, when i put the tester to Swap words the values showed the same as in the Ignition, You helped me to find the issue. Now i need to find where change the Swap Words in the Ignition…

Please, can you explain me where is there this configuration ??

It’s on the settings page for that device on the Ignition Gateway.

Device connections → Edit Device Desired → Show Advance properties → Which the correct field ??

I didn’t find any field with “Swap Word” Description…

I found it, it’s the “reverse word order” field, I changed to true and its works fine now…

Thanks for your help guys !!!