Modbus RTU Connection

I have an older Modbus RTU device that I’m trying to connect to via Ignition, but I don’t think it has an IP address for the Modbus RTU over TCP driver. How can I establish a connection with it using that driver?

That driver assumes you’ve placed a dumb serial-to-ethernet converter in front of it.

If you don’t already have hardware, buy a proper Modbus gateway to sit in front and then connect the regular Modbus TCP driver to it.

Are there any other viable alternatives aside from buying a modbus gateway?

Plug it straight into your gateway a on serial port, and buy the Gateway Serial Support module. Then the modbus driver can use the serial port.

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If you buy the Gateway Serial Support module and install it a Modbus RTU driver will appear. If you’ve got a serial connection from the gateway machine to the device you can use that.