Modbus RTU over TCP timeout

Hi guys, i am able to use modscan to read the devices with stable connection when i use ignition to read, the tag quality will become bad and after some time, it will be back to good again. I have tried to increase the scan time of the tag to 10000 ms but is still the same. I also tried to reduce the number of read holding register per request since i am only reading holding register but the result is still the same. Not sure what i have went wrong in the set up

I am current using ignition 8.1.15.
I found these in the log.

Using an ethernet-to-serial interface for Modbus RTU requires careful setup of the buffering options on that interface. The advice I give in my Advanced Modbus Module’s Moxa application notes (in the manual) would apply to IA’s native driver, and similar settings would be needed for other branded interfaces.

Also, in case it isn’t obvious, only one system can talk to that interface. Modbus RTU, whether over TCP or not, is single-master. If you need multiple simultaneous masters, you will need an actual Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU gateway.

Modscan reads unit id 1 by default. Unless you specify unit id 1 in Ignition ( [device]1.HRxxxx ) you will be reading unit id 0. Your Modbus server/slave may not respond to unit id 0.

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