Modbus RTU over TCP unstable in Ignition 8.0.12

I found that Modbus RTU over TCP driver is not stable when using the version 8.0.12. When I use the old version 8.0.8, the communication driver can get the data of the terminal device and the communication quality is good.
In addition, when I create a new UDT tag in the old version, the saved UDT tag disappears when I open the designer next time.

Who can explain it to me?

Supplementary notes:When using the version 8.0.12, the connection status between the the Modbus RTU over TCP driver and the device often shows that it is disconnected or connecting. I’m puzzled about this situation.
Looking forward to your reply!

I really need your help! Please!

Nothing has changed in the Modbus RTU over TCP driver between 8.0.8 and 8.0.12.

Call support if you need someone to take a look at your system and troubleshoot.