Modbus RTU over UDP/IP?

I am looking into acquiring some data on a couple of compressors in our shop. After looking through the controllers manual I have found that I need to purchase an optional comms module. They are stating that their communications protocol is Modbus RTU over UDP/IP on the ethernet port. Below is a snippet from the users manual:

Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring allows the user to observe the operation of the compressor or blower from a remote location using the serial and/or Ethernet connection on the Communications Module. The serial port uses the Modbus RTU protocol while the Ethernet port uses Modbus RTU over UDP/IP.
Important Note: The serial port and the Ethernet port should NOT be used at the same time.

6.1 Modbus RTU over Serial Line
The Modbus RTU protocol used on the serial port uses Function code 0x03 (03 decimal) to read all the
registers listed in the following pages. The Modbus address used to communicate with the
Communications Module is equal to the least significant byte of the IP address set in the Sequencing
**Adjust menu. **

6.2 Modbus RTU over UDP/IP
The Modbus RTU protocol used on the Ethernet port is identical to that described in the serial port
section above except that the Modbus data packet is wrapped inside of a UDP datagram before being
sent over the network. The Communications Module (server) automatically opens UDP port number 2001 for receiving data packets from the client. The client, in turn, must open UDP port number 2000 to receive data from the Communications Module. The Communications Module does not support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) so it is necessary for each unit to be programmed with a unique IP address. The response time for the Communications Module over Ethernet will be determined mostly by network traffic and how many network devices (switches, routers, etc.) the data must pass through. A typical response time over a local network is around two seconds.

My question is, would I set this up with a Modbus RTU or could i set it up with a Modbus TCP driver? Thank you.

I would get the serial communication adapter for the compressor and a Modbus/TCP to Modbus serial gateway (sgw-mb1511-t, e.g.). Connect the gateway’s serial port to the serial port on the compressor. Use the Modbus TCP device option in Ignition to communicate with the gateway.

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