MODBUS RTU to OPC UA gateway

I am using EKI-1424 gateway from Advantech to collect serial data from power meters and convert to OPC UA and send to IGNITION, The connection was done, But the data is received as an array, and not floating point as expected, The output on the gateway side is a hex string of double “UINT 16” that looks like this 01 03 04 45 E9 78 FC 1C 8A , The bold part contains the data as others are “start and end bits, parity, ID”, If selected float as data type on the OPC tag, I receive config error, Only when i select string i receive array like this [14151,31044] which i can’t understand!

You didn’t say in your post, but please verify which driver you are using. I think this one may be Modbus RTU over TCP, based on what I’m seeing in the EKI documentation.

Have you tried:

  • 0 vs.1 based addressing in the driver
  • Reversing byte order

It sounds like the server only exposes the Modbus data as an array of 16-bit values?

You’d have to turn it into a float in scripting if that’s the case. How is the tag set up in Ignition?

The data received was byte swapped, adjusting the tag logic solved the problem, Thank you for assistance.