Modbus RTU to TCP times out and disconnects

I’m trying to connect an ISCO Signature Flow Meter over network to our Ignition gateway and read the tags. The ISCO is modbus 485 output, we are going through a Moxa I3270 to convert over to TCP. The Gateway connects, but the tag status shows disconnected and timeout.

interestingly, when I use a modbus poller I can pull the data.

And when I monitor the traffic, the requests from Slave ID 68 and 197 are from the gateway, the requests from the Modbus poller show Slave ID 2.

I believe the registers are set up properly in the gateway.
So, I’m kind of at a loss because I’m just getting bad data in Ignition.
I could use some fresh ideas if anyone has any. Thank you!

If you’ve got a Moxa MGate in front you should just be using the Modbus TCP driver, not RTU over TCP.

Effing hell. You’re 100% right. I’m shaking my head in utter disappointment right now. Apparently it’s been a long week.