Modbus Tag Adressing for Longs and Shorts

How should I address long and short Modbus addresses in ignition for OPC Tags?

Modbus Address Examples: 400467 L
400470 S
400469 S
400461 L
400463 L

So for 400467L, would the address be [DEVICENAME]HRL467?

For 400470, would the address be [DEVICENAME]HRS470?

Shorts are 16-bit, so just [Device]HR470 etc…
Longs are 64-bit, so [Device]HRI_64461 etc… (yes, the syntax is ugly because the “64” runs into the address)

The address syntax is documented here: Modbus Addressing - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

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I implemented the prettier “HRL” syntax (and HRUL) in my Advanced Modbus Driver… (: