Modbus tags in ignition

I have a Schneider power logic meter connected that uses modbus, I am having trouble getting tags to work, any help would be appreciated thanks


Assuming TCP, create a Modbus TCP device, enter IP, try reverse word order and one based in advanced settings if tag is read but not correct value, create your tag in Ignition as an OPC tag with e.g. HRF3000 or 1.HRF3000 etc

I do have it connected in my devices, do I want to add tags 1 at a time or use the address configuration?

I would start with 1 tag to make sure your reverse word and one based settings are correct. Start by adding a tag for Diagnostics/IsConnected then delete everything after [deviceName] and add your HRF3000 or 1.HRF3000

Then you can use the address config if you are reading lots of tags with sequential addresses.