Modbus Tags / Manually Specify Each Address

Good Afternoon,

I'm still learning Ignition and I'm using a Modbus Device. I'm manually Specify Each Address, but I don't think I'm doing it correctly.

This is what I placed in the tag editor:

Name: Gateway
Data Type:
OPC Server: Ignition OPC UA Server
OPC Item Path: [PPS33LR]HRUS1.



2023-08-24_18-33-52 Modbus.pdf (73.9 KB)

You need to add the Modbus device in the gateway and then configure the addresses there as well

Try [PPS33LR]1.HRUS1

Since the docs say that the slave unit can be from 1-247, then Ignition's default slave ID of zero won't work. The above includes 1. to specify slave unit #1.

No, you don't need to. The address mappings are entirely optional, and no longer recommended.



Thanks for your response. I was looking at the Modbus Slave. This is the information that it displayed.

I think it should be:



2023-08-26_15-12-10.pdf (6.0 KB)

Makes sense. Are you sure odd parity is correct? The default for Modbus RTU is E-8-1, that is, even parity.