Modbus TCP address X320m

I have an x-320M control by web device that supports modbus/tcp.

Unfortunately I can’t seem to map any registers. Even with a good connection to the device any tags or address structure times out or reports bad.

I have tried many different adjustments and the closest I can get is errors saying I can’t assign tag values from another tag.

At a loss because most other Modbus coms have not been a problem.

Try unit id 1. Also try using the mode 485 address. Plenty of free modbus tools out there that can help troubleshoot this.

The “address” column is clearly zero-based as the “584/984” show one-based. Make sure your device setting is zero-based. That first float would be manually addressed as HRF1296 or 1.HRF1296. You might also need to adjust the word order setting.