Modbus TCP Connection issue

I am having issues connecting to a fatek PLC over a modem.

I am able to connect to it when I test with my laptop on the machine.

But not over the network. I would appreciate guidance on where I should be looking at.
I am able to connect to other modbus and Siemens devices on the same switch but only this particular device is giving me trouble.

Does your laptop use modbus tcp as well?

Please share more about your setup.


I think I found the issue, There was Layer 3 network connection between the PLC and my computer.
I was able to ping the PLC but could not get modbus tcp connection to it.

Interestingly enough I had a Siemens(connected through Ignition Siemens driver) and an Ezlogix PLC connected through modbus working through the same layer 3 network connection. It was only the Fatek PLC causing the issues.
I changed the connection to layer 2 and it worked.