Modbus TCP Connection

I am facing problem to connect Power Meter Schneider PM800 to Ignition Modbus Drive.
The Architecture is PM800 (RS485 Modbus) ----> Moxa (Modbus Etn Gateway) ----> Ignition.
At earlier connection the data is different between real value of Power Meter. I have tried others software (android scada, modscan and other scada with modbus), Ignition show different value.

I attached those document about the problems.

Anybody can help me?

Thanks in advance
[attachment=1]Address register.jpg[/attachment]
[attachment=2]quick Client.jpg[/attachment]


According to your modscan request, you have to put 1120 in the modbus address in the gateway. It’s the base address.
Prefix is just a prefix you’ll see in tag browser. Start and end would be suffix to your prefix, but, end-start would be the length you request from base address.
As you’re using a moxa gateway, you have to put the modbus slave address (rs485) in the unit id parameter.
Your kind of setup is common for energy monitoring and work very well.
Hope I’m clear enough and that it’s help.