Modbus tcp device - adjust port for redundant gateway, or disable only some device in warm mode?


We have some modbus device that accept multiple TCP connection but only with different ports...
8 simultaneous connection 502 to 510.

Siemens LOGO tiny PLC...

  1. We would like to use our redundant gateway in warm mode but It's not possible to ajust another modbus port on the backup node ? Any workaround ? Feature request...

  2. We could have our gateway in warm mode, and disable the warm mode for those device. Feature request : disable warm mode on a per device basis

Hmmm. That would be straight-forward to add to my driver...

That was easy:


(In my driver, port number is specified with the hostname. With this change, you can set a completely different host or port for the backup server.)

My driver(s) treat warm as cold anyways, so it might have worked for you without this change.

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