Modbus TCP device problem


I’ve the same problem, i use an Advantech EKI-1221 gateway to connect our old Modicon 984 modbus rtu rs-232 to tcp/ip. I added the device to the ignition configuration site, the connection state changes frequently between “connected” and “disconnected”, also it’s impossible to read/write tags because of bad quality. I used the “CAN Modbus Scanner” - tool to test the connection, the tool can read out all registers without any problem. So it must be an Ignition problem. Is there any solution by now? We have many Modicon 984 PLCs in our factory that need to be connected to Ignition…

It sounds like you’ve setup a connection to your device but haven’t subscribed to any tags yet. Modbus devices will typically close inactive connections after 10-15 seconds, which may explain why you see the connection status cycling. If it’s something else you’ll have to attach a log export or call into support so they can take a look.