Modbus TCP device spamming logs

Ignition is reading a register in the device every 5 seconds. Tag quality is always good. The logs keep showing this error every 15-20 seconds. The socket keeps closing. Any thoughts on how to get this to not spam the logs?

Also, how would I configure the log to only check if device is connected, say every 10 minutes?

This particular logger was mistakenly set to WARN level in 8.1.17(?) and back to DEBUG in 8.1.18… the easiest thing to do here would be upgrade.

It’s also worth investigating why your Modbus device is closing the connection so frequently. Usually with Modbus devices reading a register every 5 seconds is enough to keep it alive and open.

Also - are you sure that error isn’t coming from another device you have configured? Maybe one with no tags subscribed?