Modbus TCP Driver Default Zero Address Setting

Is there any particular reason that the default for modbus TCP driver zero addressing is false?

Because it is in advanced settings, this often gets overlooked. We don't work with any devices that are 1 based indexing so if possible I would like the default setting for zero based addressing to be true.



Think it's just the default for the IA driver.

Meh. For the multitude of devices I've worked with, it's hit or miss whether I need it or not. It's one of the first things I check, along with reverse word order, if my data doesn't look right.

Ha, world's bigger than what you see, even if you do work for a giant.

My alternate driver not only defaults to zero-based, it only supports zero-based addresses. The classic address is placed in the point's description in the OPC browser to avoid ambiguity. (Mappings are also unnecessary in order to have browsable addresses.)

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Maybe you can create the devices programatically and make sure it's set how you like.

I only have anecdotal data because we don't collect telemetry, but what I've seen from working with support is it's truly a toss up between whether your random Modbus device:

  • uses zero-based or one-based addressing
  • defaults to unit/slave 0 or 1

Our defaults can't be correct for everyone.

Heh. But with two implementations, one will have the desired default. :grin: