Modbus tcp driver2

PC has 2 NIC's. on "network 2" is the PLC side.
Moving from v8.0.4 to v8.1.41

Getting "socket connection closed, DriverState was connected." in error log
firewall off.

Restored from backup of server taken this a.m.

Anyone got any experience with the new driver settings?

It's not a new driver, it's the same driver between those versions.

This error means the PLC is closing the connection. Maybe you have multiple gateways or other software connected to it and it doesn't allow multiple connections?

both servers are running right now. but even if I disable the OLD device. the NEW device still gets errors

@Kevin.Herron I was asking about the new "Local Address" setting in the Modbus TCP driver. The error indicated that the PLC was dropping the connection. It was not.

The historian and the 'store and forward' were still disabled from when I restored from the backup of the old machine.It is working now, The text of the error led me down a rabit hole.

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