Modbus tcp/ip + Power Meter PM5320

Hi everyone,

I have an issue reading Modbus tcp/ip from PM5320 power meter to the gateway ignition, the device connected and provide the status, the configurations looks good as below pictures.

I tried many solution like reverse, base zero (make it true), I have spent a lot of time but it doesn’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Try setting Unit ID to 1?

Can you read it with other Modbus master software?

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I think you have to put the unit number after the name. So the item path would look something like this.
[PH2MDB4Q0]1.IRUS3000 for the Current A
On the few I’ve played with they usually have more than one unit at the same IP address, seems like 0 was the network card in the meter, 1 was the meter, 2 was the relay card in the meter.
When you log into the meter via a web browser there is usually an option to download a spreadsheet with the registers, descriptions, and current values.

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I have a 5560.

Reverse word and zero based both false in gateway.

Voltage L1-N:

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I tried the suggestions above; I think I need to check it at the site since even modbus scan didn’t show data. I appreciate your support guys; I will update you

Sorry for late update, I solved the issue as the picture above but after that you need to turn off the Power Meter and turn it on again.

Thanks this information, it has helped me.
If you can help, where did you find the information to use 255 and Floats starting at address 3000?
I would like to know what address contains what data.
Thanks again.