Modbus TCP/IP to MQTT Gateway

Does anyone have recommendations for a Modbus TCP to MQTT gateway?

I'm hoping to find one <$250 that can do basic monitoring of Modbus tags and only publish on change.


Under $250.00 ?? - This might be the biggest issue. However, you could probably build your own, with a Raspberry Pi and Node Red.

I use a Raspberry Pi to run all kinds of Api request and then publish that data using Mqtt Sparkplug B.

I also use the Raspberry Pi to retreive data with Modbus Tcp and I'm sure I could publish that data with Mqtt, It's just I don't have a need for that application.

Might be worth looking into.

I think I have seen "AnyBus" HMS Gateway mention this protocol. But greater that $250.00.

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Yeah. I know it could be built for less than $250. I just worry that it might not been rugged enough installed in a remote panel.

I have found gateways that say they can do that conversion, but they are $500+ and that is just too much for the number of panels the solution would be deployed to.

I'm working with the Automation Direct gateway right now, seems pretty straight forward. It was around the price point you wanted.

That gateway only connects to a specific cloud service right?

It's too bad these OnLogic Factor 201 industrial RPi aren't a littler cheaper.

No, it looks like they can publish to any broker. Might need to order one and test it out.