Modbus TCP/IP to MQTT Gateway

Does anyone have recommendations for a Modbus TCP to MQTT gateway?

I'm hoping to find one <$250 that can do basic monitoring of Modbus tags and only publish on change.


Under $250.00 ?? - This might be the biggest issue. However, you could probably build your own, with a Raspberry Pi and Node Red.

I use a Raspberry Pi to run all kinds of Api request and then publish that data using Mqtt Sparkplug B.

I also use the Raspberry Pi to retreive data with Modbus Tcp and I'm sure I could publish that data with Mqtt, It's just I don't have a need for that application.

Might be worth looking into.

I think I have seen "AnyBus" HMS Gateway mention this protocol. But greater that $250.00.

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Yeah. I know it could be built for less than $250. I just worry that it might not been rugged enough installed in a remote panel.

I have found gateways that say they can do that conversion, but they are $500+ and that is just too much for the number of panels the solution would be deployed to.