Modbus TCP Same address, different value

So, I have connected ignition to a Power Meter module via Modbus TCP, however I’m having an issue when I use “Bulk” (or group) addressing.

Here, you can see that I have a group called “Corrientes” and a single tag called Ib (current phase 2):

From the addresses, I assume that both Corriente_1 and Ib are referencing the same address (1101), however I’m getting a wrong value when referencing it within the group:

Any Ideas why could this be happening?
This difference was noticed while using Quick Client before registering the tags. I still registered the tags to see the differences in real time.

I’m using 0 based registry (no Idea it is correct since the PM manual doesn’t say so) and Ignition 8.0.5.

Thanks in advance, guys!

Why do you think they are the same tag?

Corrientes0 is 2 registers, 1100 and 1101.
Corrientes1 is 2 registers, 1102 and 1103.

Ib is 2 registers, 1101 and 1102.

You’re using a 32-bit type so each tag requires 2 registers.

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Well, according to this manual (and the range used), I assumed it was a double Integer

Hold on, how many bytes does a register have?:thinking:

Well, either way, Switching to UInt16 did the trick, now I have my proper values.

Thanks a lot Kevin!

Modbus registers are 16-bit (2 bytes).

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That’s why!

Thanks a lot!