Modbus TCP Uncertain_InitialValue

I’m using a Moxa E1240 remote IO device. I had values coming in, but now they’re saying uncertain_InitialValue when I subscribe and in the tag that I created. However, if I read from quick client there are good values. Does anyone have any idea how to resolve?

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I used this video to get it going, but then ran into the uncertain initial value issue. Any ideas why my tags are doing that and how to recover? Thanks for the video by the way.

I have an E1240 here in the office, send me an export from the gateway of the tag setup, and also a tag export from designer.

Also, you can go to status (in the gateway), click the device, and look at the info (change the min level to trace).

I’m trying a gateway reboot. It’s something with the subscription datamode. It works with polling.

Reboot of gateway resolved. Alternatively, by using polling, which isn’t ideal was a good work around.