Modbus write single Register use function 16

Hello guys!!!
I want connect FLIR IR CAM use modbus driver.
connecting is fine, but some problem when recording a Holding register (int16).
“In device manual written:
Only these Modbus Function Codes are supported:
o 4 Read Holding Registers
o 16 Write Multiple Holding Registers
o 23 Read/ Write Multiple Holding Registers”

Ignition while write Holding register (int16) using function code modbus - 06 (Write Single Registry).
It is possible to make that Ignition for write Holding register (int16) using function code modbus - 16 (Write Multiple Holding Registers)

This isn’t possible when writing to a single register, but we have it in both our ticket and feature request system. I don’t think it will be very difficult to implement, so perhaps we can get it into the next 7.7 release candidate.