Not sure if this is the exact area of the forum for this, but I could use some help with the addressing. The attached images describe the registers. I have the device setup vis the IP and it shows connected but I am not sure where to begin with the addressing.

Its a 30 circuit and i wish to use the feedback and control registers

What have you tried?

I tried reading registers but as I dug further into this system I found that through the current cutler hammer lighting control I cannot “get through” what they call the NIB or “network interface box”. It uses something called “unitary lan” which they tell me is proprietary. The rails themselves speak modbus but everything else is “ULAN”. They have told me that if I purchase a “shadow server” for each breaker box I could use Bacnet. Which Ignition still doesn’t use Bacnet so I was thinking I may have to use kepware. Does the Kepware opc server for Bacnet allow Ignition to browse tags in a similar fashion like OPC UA? I think this is a solution but not the best one…

One other thing although somewhat irrelevant, The boxes I will be working with are 42 breaker not 30.

I think Kepware has a BACNet driver, you might give that a shot.