ModbusDriver2 - Error during connect v8.1.17

I upgraded from 8.1.14 to 8.1.17 yesterday and I noticed the logs this morning are loaded with the errors “ModbusDriver2 - Error during connect”

I have about 40 instruments that all have dedicated PLCs. The way the devices are designed when the device is shutdown the PLC also losses power and therefore isn’t available. At any given time about half of the device could be powered down. Has anybody else seen this with updating to 8.1.17?

You can disable the logger by setting the level to “Off” for now.

This particular log message was changed from DEBUG to WARN level while diagnosing and fixing another issue and we didn’t realize it was going to end up spamming the logs. I’m going to change it back for 8.1.18.

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Thanks for the quick response! I’ll update to 8.1.18, when available.