Morning all

Is there a published list of compatible modems that function with the SMS module?


It’s a short list:

[ul]AirLink Raven XE
AirLink LS300[/ul]


Its still a list, thanks.

Is there an update to this list? My project is on v7.9, and I see the sms configurator references generic “Airlink”. The Raven XE appears to be discontinued.

Airlink LS300 (
Airlink GX440 (

I did just see this on the Sierra Wireless website: Sierra Wireless has announced the planned End of Life (EOL) of the AirLink GX440. Read the EOL notice for details. The successor AirLink GX450 is recommended for new projects.

Don’t know of anyone testing the GX450 yet.

Airlink RV50 is now supported!