Modicon Addressing


Came across a printout of Modicon addresses that I need to create tags for in Ignition. They are assigned to the bit level of the word.

How would I go about addressing this bit in a tag? I have tried the [Modicon,bit=1]HR322 format, and am getting very strange numbers (if the tag is an integer sometimes they are not bits).

Any help/explanation would be great.



That bit=X syntax is outdated and will be removed from the revamped user manual, whenever that happens.

Try using something like this and see if you get better results:


Thank you. (and thanks for getting back to me so quickly)
They seem to be behaving better. Still need to check some stuff out.

What was strange is that sometimes I would get results using the 400232/08 address format though.

If my address was 30033/01
I would use [PLC]N.IR33.1 ?

If my address was 30033/01
I would use [PLC]N.IR33.1 ?[/quote]

Yeah, that looks correct, assuming N is the Unit/Slave ID.