Modicon TSX57 connection via ModbusTCP or Unitelway

Hi, I'm trying to connect Ignition's Modbus driver to a legacy Modicon PLC :

  • reference is TSX 57203 from Schneider Electric,
  • equipped with an ETY 110 communication module (see details below)

In the PLC program I noticed that the Data Link Layer is set to 802.3 instead of Ethernet.

  • Does Ignition support 802.3 communication for its Modbus TCP driver ?
  • Any idea whether I should use a 3rd party driver in order to interface Ignition to this Modicon PLC ?

communication settings

802.3 is modern Ethernet.

Ethernet II is some ancient variant that didn't catch on, IIRC. Ignition (and the Modbus protocol in general) doesn't care about layer 2, just layers 3 & 4 (Internet Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol).

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Thanks @pturmel for the clarification on 802.3

I noticed that the real struggle with my TSX device is that it can't mix both Modicon protocols (Unitelway + Modbus) on the same port.
Currently it's configured to answer only to Unitelway requests, as you can see on the screenshot. Therefore Modbus driver won't get connected to it.

  • Is there an option with Ignition to send Unitelway requests ?
  • Or should I use a 3rd-party driver ?

Probably need a 3rd-party driver. I've never heard of Unitelway. :man_shrugging:

Not surprising for such a rare protocol.

For Modbus, there might be an option to declare manually a Modbus chanel open to my SCADA IP. That means adding one line to the network settings of the PLC. I'll elaborate on that, and share the update.


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