Modification of Table headers

I am in need of the ability for an end-user to modify a table header. I have tried multiple ways to get this to work without much success. (Clicking after all sorts the table) I have tried to find a property for the header themselves without luck.

I need the headers themselves to references tags - these tags need to be editable in order to be renamed by the user. Is there an easy way to do this?

Currently my options seem to be buttons to click that will prompt a text box where you can re-value the tag and then submit the change to be updated in the header (Not having much luck trying to point the headers to a tag either). This is also a problem due to resizing cells, if the user resizes the cell the table does not seem to change a bindable property - and the width property of a selectedColumn seems to avoid me. Or I could eliminate the headers completely and put the previous headers in the first row which doesn’t look as nice but seems the most likely to work.

Does anyone have any input?

Hello c_hurd and welcome to the wonderful world of Ignition!
I saw your post and decided to spend a few minutes of my time to create a simple project with the ability to change the column named dynamically. I guess I’m feeling a bit generous today. :stuck_out_tongue:

So this is a quick summary of how to get it to work:

  1. Create custom properties on your root container or the table itself. Each one of these will represent each column title you want to rename.

  2. Open the binding options for the “Column Attributes Data” property on your table (See screenshot #1).

  3. Create cell bindings from each of the “label” cells to each of the custom properties. (See screenshot #1)

  4. Optional - Program the buttons on the screen to ask the user to enter the new name for the column. (See screenshot #2)

This is optional because you can also just have the custom property look at a string tag. (See screenshot #3)

  1. Try it out and have fun!

Let me know if you need additional design help. Dont forget that you have tech support at your disposal and can actually hire Design Services Engineers to help you develop and design your projects.

I also added the window as an attachment, so just download it and add it to one of your project.

This is great Julio. :smiley: