Modify a dynamic property description

How about the ability to modify a dynamic property’s decription after it has been created? I often create a dynamic property to see if something will work the way I want it to. If I don’t write a description at the time of creation, I can’t modify it later. I tend to document stuff after I get it to work.


Let’s add the ability to rename that property as safely as possible (bindings/etc), warning the user that it could break their scripts, etc.

Yeah, we’re well aware of this request. I agree that its time has definitely come.

This is done for the next major version - you can now change everything about a dynamic property after it has been created. Binding references to it will automatically follow the new name. Scripting references to it will break.

This has been implemented in Ignition. (Ignition Vision v4 is the next major version of FactoryPMI)