Modify Embedded View Parameter From Runtime

Pretty sure this is not possible but wanted to double check. I have an embedded view that has a bidirectional parameter that is an integer. That integer is set to some value in the Designer but we would like a numeric entry on that view to update the integer at runtime and keep the updated integer as the new value. Right now when navigating to another screen and then back the integer returns to the value set in Designer. Hopefully that makes sense.


You could store the value as a session property and bind the numeric entry to it.

We have a hundred or so of these embedded views all with different number values initially configured in the Designer. We would like our customer to be able to update the number permanently at runtime when they find issues. We prefer to not make tags for all of these if we can avoid it.

Use a database table? Just a plain key/value store, if you can uniquely identify each property by some string/number/combination thereof.

Also, depending on how you’re navigating to the Page, you could supply this value as a param for the Page, and then bind the Embedded View’s param to the page param.

Just for some context we have help/information indicators by controls on our HMI that may need extra information. When you click on it a new window pops up with more help on that control. The help is defined by two parameters that we passed to the embedded view. Sometimes the number passed in can change later in the project so we wanted an easy way to change it permanently at runtime. The database table should most definitely work for this. Thanks for the idea!


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Is it possible now or could it be possible to have a search/replace utility that would allow you to enter a view path and see the parameters and values of the parameters for each instance of the view? For example if we use this help button 10 times on different views with a number value of 1-10 a utility that would show you each instance, where it’s used and the values of the parameters so you could know if you had a duplicate in the number parameter?