Modify JNLP or upload file to WEB folder

I was having some issues keeping track of which Ignition window was the designer and which was the published client and which was the development client, so I looked at the jnlp file and saw that the icon it uses is in the web/ folder. A quick download and a color change of the icon and a little D for the developer icon and I now have three unique icons to help keep track of which window is which, but I can’t find the actual location of the Web folder in windows so I can add the new icons to the folder. How can I add files to the web folder?

I would also like to be able to change the default jnlp file being downloaded to look at these new icons by default, but at the very least I can just save the jnlp launcher locally, change them, and launch from the desktop instead of the web portal.

Is it possible to modify these items?

No, it’s not possible to modify the JNLP files in this way.

The next releases of Ignition actually contains new icons for the designer, so this should help with your icon confusion :slight_smile:

Ah, I’m glad that the icon thing is being changed, thanks!

Will there ever be a way to modify the jnlp files or upload content to the web directory?

While I can certainly understand the motivation to keep those areas protected, and I probably would be part of a very small minority of people who would ever want to tweak those areas, it would be a pretty handy ability.