Modify system popups?

Hi, is there a way to modify any of the system popups such as system.gui.confirm or system.gui.messageBox? The text and buttons are quite small and they look bad on high resolution displays. Also, not very touch friendly. I would create my own but not sure how to pass values to my own popups and then pass values back to the calling Window. Thanks.

I would just create a new popup window and use that instead - you’re totally in control and can do what you want. For help with passing in parameters have a look at this link.

To pass values back you would either use SQLTags or you would get a reference to the calling window and set a value or property directly. Look at the User Manual under Project Design / Windows, Components and Templates / Componenet Scripting / The ‘event’ object for help with navigating the component hierarchy.

Note that popup windows are not modal - you can still click on objects on the calling window. If this is a problem, you may find this post helpful. The post is quite old - instead of ‘fpmi’ use ‘system’.

Thanks for the help Al!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: