Modifying Alarm Properties with script

I am trying to update settings in an alarm on a tag, currently displaying the data in a simple Perspective table, double click to edit a cell, and the alarm should change for the tag.
I have added a "k" in the table cell as seen below.

in the onClick handler:

def runAction(self, event):

	tagPath = self.getSibling("TextField").props.text
	tagConfig = system.tag.getConfiguration(tagPath,False)
	self.getSibling("Label").props.text = tagConfig
	tagConfig[0]['alarms'][event.row][event.column] = event.value
	self.getSibling("Label_0").props.text = tagConfig
	system.tag.configure("", tagConfig,"o")

Contents of "Label":

[{"path":"[default]Testing/TestAlarms","alarms":[{"setpointA":1,"name":"Test Alarm","label":"Test Alarm 1","displayPath":"Testing ","priority":"Medium"}],"tagType":"AtomicTag","name":"TestAlarms","valueSource":"memory"}]

Contents of "Label_0":

[{"path":"[default]Testing/TestAlarms","alarms":[{"setpointA":1,"name":"Test Alarm","label":"kTest Alarm 1","displayPath":"Testing ","priority":"Medium"}],"tagType":"AtomicTag","name":"TestAlarms","valueSource":"memory"}]

The tag does not get updated.

Any ideas what I have done wrong here?
Nothing in console, nothing in server Logs.

You could just write to the alarm prop via its tag path with tag.write*

This is what's wrong though, the blank starting path should be

parentPath = '/'.join(tagPath.split("/")[:-1])

Of course, you'll need to possibly accommodate for tagPaths that are in the root

That's perfect, I had been trying with the entire path, no wonder that also didn't work.