Modifying Arc in Vision Meter Style Customizer?

I’m learning the Style Customizer for the Meter component in Vision. I do see there is an Arc Width parameter that controls the thickness of the green-yellow-red arc, but I don’t see where you can change the colors of that arc or the angles at which those colors transition. Even if I increase the Overall High Bound to a value of - say - 1000, the green-yellow-red arc still only spans from 0 to 100.

Even if I set Arc Width to zero, it still displays a thin sliver of the arc. Trying to set it to a negative value does make the arc disappear in the Designer, but throws an error that the parameter can’t be set to that value.

I guess I’m looking for a Vision meter component that is as customizable as the ones in Perspective. Any thoughts on how to achieve this while still working in Vision would be appreciated. I don’t necessarily want to transition to Perspective in this case since this is a fixed-screen machine HMI.


If you’re comfortable with/willing to learn some trigonometry, you can get an ultimately customizable component via the Paintable Canvas. Put it into a template, and if you squint hard enough it’s basically a custom component.

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Unless i misunderstood your question you can adjust the colors and ranges here. You could probably figure out what range corresponds to what angle, but you cant directly enter the angle.

@josborn - that is exactly what I was trying to do. I just didn’t think that Interval N Outline was the parameter that would change what I was trying to change. I was messing with Interval N Background and getting these colored pie-shaped wedges in my meter.

@PGriffith - the Paintable Canvas is probably more of a rabbit hole than I want to go down right now, especially with josborn’s answer, although it does look like the ultimate in customizability and worth learning someday.

Thanks to you both for the help.




looks like we were thinking the same thing, glad it worked out for you.

I also got it to closely match the default colors of the Moving Analog Indicator