Modifying fields logged in alert table

Is there any way to get one of the opc tags logged to a column in the alert table, or to add a column to the table? I have a batch number that identifies each batch that I would like to log. TIA David

Unfortunately… no. This is actually a fairly common question, and there currently isn’t a way to do it.

Right now I usually recommend storing a log of batches and then using that to cross reference the alerts, if your goal is to find alerts for a given batch. A bit of work, I know…

There are probably some other things you could do, if you were really in the mood to get crazy. For instance, one thing that popped into my mind, is that you could add your batch column (NOTE: you are free to add columns to the alert table) and then set up a database trigger to update it with the current batch as soon as a row was entered. So, you would have an “on insert” trigger, which uses information from the new alert to look up the batch number and enter it, or enter null if not applicable. Could work nicely, but usually I try to avoid logic in the database as much as possible because it’s just one more thing you have to make sure to backup/restore in an emergency. If this doesn’t bother you, go for it.

Also, on a side note, I do want to encourage everyone reading this to feel free to post to the FSQL Feature request forum if you think you have a good solution for this or anything else that’s missing.

Ok, hope that answers your question,

I got excited earlier and posted a rather lengthy reply about using “items” in custom alerts - for emails. Useful, but unfortunately they don’t get saved where you’d like. A feature request it will be…

Actually, I like the idea of a trigger. I think I’ll go that route. Thx.